It was a cold spooky evening when I heard an unexpected sound of the doorbell.
"Who might it be?", I thought immediately, as I wasn't used to visits at the late hours.
The howling wind outside seemed more unfamiliar than ever, as I was walking down the stairs.
"Who's there?", I asked loudly, not opening the doors.
"Please, let me in" – a terrified, squeaky voice came to me.
"But who are you?"
No answer, just the sound of heavy rain and a thunder.
Slowly I set the door ajar. I saw a mysterious shadow, probably a woman in dark coat, with her face hidden under the bonnet.
"Please, help me", she spoke in a begging tone, "Let me find the shelter in your house".
Numb with fear I couldn't protest.
I introduced her to the living room and went for a moment to make tea. And then she disappeared! I searched all the flat in panic. Not having found any sign of her presence, I started to hesitate if she had ever been there at all…Falling asleep was impossible for me that night
In the morning I received a call from my Carla, my friend.
"Hi Lucy, how was your first night ALONE?".
Only after hearing her laugh, did I realise that it was her job!