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There's a special new student in Class 8 this year! Her name's Libby Bevan. She's 12 years old, and her birthday's on June 19th. Libby's from Britain. She lives in London, in a flat. She lives on the tenth floor and she can see the Globe Theatre from her bedroom window. This year Libby's living here in Melbourne, Australia, in a house, because her father's working here. He's a doctor. Libby's got a sister and two brothers. Her sister, Kerry is 15. Her little brother, Dan is 8, and her big brother, Rob is 20. Rob's at university in Oxford, in Britain. Libby's got a pet cat, called Scooty. Scooty didn't come to Australia with the family, she stayed in Britain. Cooty's living with Libby's brother this year. Libby can swim and dive, but she can't surf. She wants to have surfing lessons in Australia. Libby's got short curly fair hair and blue eyes. If you see Libby in school, say 'G'day' to her. Have a fantastic year in Melbourne, Libby!