Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nie mają być w czasie przeszłym ani w czasie przyszlym to rozumiem że w teraźniejszym:
1 I'm learning english beacuse i want to pass exam.
2 I like grammar ang i always learn the rules by heart.
3 She is buying clothes for her holiday and wants me to help her.
4 We are having lunch together in very expensive restaurant.
5 I'm sitting on the chair and I'm lisening music.
6 He is talking to his friends about clothes, tv and computer games.
7 They are reading a book called "The life of pi" at the moment.
8 Tiffany and her friends go to the cinema once a week.
9 We are feeling very cheerful today.
10 She thinks most school lessons are boring.
11 Today she is wearing a blue t-shirt.
12 He doesn't want to go to Australia.
13 Jess and her friends meet in town at weekends.
14 I'm helping my mother in houseworks now.
15 I'm eating an ice-cream with my best friend Sally.

:DD mam nadzieję że pomogłam:)
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