Muszę opisać aktora po angielsku
Odpowiadając na te pytania :

Who is the character and where does he/she live ?
What does he/she do ?
What does he/she usually wear ?
How does he / she talk and behave ?
Why do / don t you like the character ?
Może to być obojętnie jaki aktor/aktorka
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Daję Roberta, choć nie uważam go za wybitnego aktora, jednak jest o prościej opisać.

Robert Pattinson is an actor. He is also a composer. He lives in Britain. He plays in many films for example Twilight series or Harry Pooter, How to be and many many more. He usually weras jeans and shirts, he often wears green or black t-shirts. He likes sports clothes. He talk interesting about his life and in the films. He behave okey, he is nice. I like his character becouse he often smiles and he doesn't think he is super star.