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London-( ang. In south-east great britain ) – city part < frequent > London, capital of this state, as well as capital of england. Over thames put, there is second (other) biggest city of europe after moscow (, before paris ), there is one of greatest city of world in scale of city also equal as well as agglomeration. Population of london totals (take away; amount to) in borders so called ( ) ok Greater London. On area 8,2 million 1 607 km ( 2006 ) & # 178; london agglomeration whole, it counts with all adjacent cities from on midday (southern) east for (after) on north-west including ( ) ok Tonbridge Windsor. 20 Million inhabitants ( area so called ) megalopolis. It dates from asia near 20% inhabitants, africa and Karaibów. Modern london is biggest center of financial world from 2006 before new york ( ). Here it is performed world turn 30% currencies and 40% world turn eurobonds. Some hundreds banks are in london situated (placed), biggest exchange in europe ( third in the world ), numerous insurance companies and investment. London is huge mediumistic center also. City of full antique and it attracts museums ok a year. 30 Million tourists.
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