He was also performed Bella Swan from sunny Phoenix to dreary rainy town of Forks, Washington to live with his father Charlie'm, commander of the local police. Choosing to do this because her mother, Renée second time she married and would like to travel with her new husband, Phil. Although Bell in Phoenix has never had too many friends or too much success, in Forks, attracts the attention of most students, and quickly makes friends with some.

When Bella sits down with a mysterious, deadly handsome Edward Cull the biology lesson, the boy seems to be mad at her, in his eyes she sees a surprisingly lot of hostility and hatred. After school Bella meets him accidentally in the Registry. Edward wants to change his schedule so as to avoid it.

A few days later, Edward appears in the school. His eyes have a tinge of honey a wonderful time. Bella asks him if he wears contact lenses, but he strongly denies. Bella does not know what to think.

The next morning, Edward saves Bella's life in the parking lot before school, with superhuman speed Running in. between it and a speeding car. Bella begins to suspect that Edward is no ordinary man. In turn, Edward to Bella's attitude apparently changed, Edward ceases to be so hostile towards her.

On the trip with a friend on the No. 1 beach in La Push Isabella meets a friend from childhood - Jacob Black and learns that, according to local applications, Edward and his family (adoptive parents and four foster siblings) are vampires. Later learned also that he and his family does not drink human, but animal blood.

Bella falls for Edward, but his feelings for her are unknown. Only after the incident in Port Angeles, comes to the conversation between them, during which Edward accepts that Bella is unusual for him, partly because of its very appetizing smell, and partly because that Cullen is not able to read her thoughts, so as it does with other people.

Vampires come to Forks, Laurent, Victoria and James, who for the sport decides to hunt Bella. Cullenowie agree to protect the girl, broken down with Edward and deporting as far away from home. Swan hiding in a hotel at the airport in Phoenix. Surprisingly, however, calls to James and tells her that her mother was kidnapped and kept it in an old ballet studio. Bella not wanting anything to happen Renée, eludes Jasper and Alice, and runs to the tracker. Bella James breaks his leg and asks a lot of wounds. At the sight of blood can not be overcome and bites her hand. Edward arrives in place, then Cullenowie. Kill James. Edward sucks the venom from the wound at the hands of Bella. Upon returning to Forks, Bella to choose Edward at prom graduates. Then, Bella tells him that he would like to be a vampire, but Edward refuses to change.
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