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1.-The guidebook says that Buttercup Farm is the best ampsite in the area.
-Yes,but lool.It's full.
2.-I don't like this campsite.It isn't very good.
-No.We can find a better place than this.
3.This is as bad as Hillside.In fact, it's worse than Hillside.
-Yes.The guide says it's the worst campsite in the country.
4. Oh,now it's getting dark and the weather;s getting worse.This is the worst holiday in the world.
5.Look at that sign,Millie.It says Camping.We can put our tent here.
6.-Well,isn't as good as Buttercup Farm,but we can find a better place tomorrow
-Yes.It's rainingnow, but we're as dry as a bone in here.
-Mickey,stop snoring
-Well,what's that noise?I
-I'm not snoring

1.Which is the best campsite?
2.Which is the worst campsite?
3.Why do they put their tent in the field?
4.What is making the noise.?



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1. Buttercup Farm
2. Hillside
3. Because it's getting dark and the weather is getting worse
4. Mickey