Hi, Anne!
I'm in Spain on vacation. I've got really good fun with my friends. We go to the beach, museums, cinema, shopping centres... Yesterday we were in cinema on movie "Len-the future man". It was science fiction film and I didn't like it. My friends Vanessa and Paris didn't like it too. But Hilary, my new friend liked it. Tomorrow we'll go to the museum. Cool! Now I'm sitting on the beach. Hilary, Paris and Vanessa are swimming in the ocean.
Best wishes,
Agnese :)


Dear xyz
I'm having a fantastic time in Spain.
The weather is great. Yesterday morning I went
to the beach to sunbathe. Then in the afternoon,
I went to eat dinner. I am really enjoying myself.
Last night I went to the disco with my friends,
after that we are going to the cinema.
See you soon