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O swoim domu :
My house is big. It is built of white and blue bricks. It is stories. And has a large red tin roof. It has two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and five bedrooms. I really like my house.
O domu swoich marzeń :
I would like to live in a large, spacious house. It would be orange. Would be well-equipped. Would have to have a great swimming pool and basketball court. There would be a lot of plants. I would like to have 7 bedrooms with separate bathrooms for each, a large kitchen and living room. Had I lived there I would be very happy.
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My room is tidy. The walls are green , but the winodws and the door are brown. There are white curtains and orange shade in the windows. The desk is next to the windows. The is a lamp and a computer on it. In my room floor is brown. My chair is blue and the shelfs are blue.On the wall is picture and two boards. on the desk ia a keyboard.My bed is blue and bed is between the windows and the shelf. I like my house.

ja za to dostałam 5 ;) Myślę , że pomogłamm ;) ****