Napisz składające się z trzech paragrafów opowiadanie o UFO lub o przybyszach z innej planety.

1 paragraph ; when ? where?,who? (kto? ,kiedy?,gdzie? )

paragrapg 2 ;
what happened?(co się stało?)
how did people feel ?

paragraph 3 ;
what happened in the and ?(jak się skończyło)

Prosze o szybkie rozwiązanie . daje naj ;D



I went after park sure day from friend.We noticed from ice-creams cabin suddenly so we had approached. Kate sie frightened suddenly when I had turned it turned out that low, green figure for us in small railway stands from large eyes, which keeps on hands equally green child as he. I on beginning astonished very, but later thought, that surely this next joke of my friend. Unfortunately after when we went away from cabin from ice-creams noticed, that object of our interest, it goes in side of odd saucer which gave back odd sounds and shined how the Christmas tree. After some time Saucer flew away, and we surprised and fascinated, we came back to house.