Zadanie 3 strona 54. Jak coś to książka do angola "Challenges"
Popraw podkreślone błędy.

1.There ia a snow on the cars. ...... [ Ten podkreślony błąd to "a" ]
2.Are there some snakes in your country? ...... [ ten podkreślony błąd to "some"]
3.There are any flowers in the garden. .... [ ten podkreślony błąd to "any"]
4.There isn't a polar bears in Astarctica. ...... [ten podkreślony błąd to "a"]
5.There isn't some water in the bottle. .....[ten podkreślony błąd to "any"]
6.There are lots of plant in rainforests. .......[ten podkreślony błąd to "plant"]
7.We have a lot of rains in autumn. ........ [ten podkreślony błąd to "rains"]

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1.There ia some snow on the cars.
2.Are there any snakes in your country?
3.There are some flowers in the garden.
4.There aren’t any polar bears in Antarctica.
5.There isn't any water in the bottle.
6.There are lots of plants in rainforests.
7.We have a lot of rain in autumn.
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