Napisz e-mail musi zawierac informacje;
- a description of a typical school day
-the subjects that you study which are different from subjects studied in the UK
-things you like about school
-things you don't like
- what you're doing at the moment in scPotrzebuje jak najszybciej, Jestem chlopakiem wiec piszcie jako mezczyzna



Hey there Mike,
Thanks for writing and sorry not for replying sooner, but things have been pretty hectic lately.

You know, if You ask me to describe my day in brief, I'd say it's boring .. dull routine.. I wake up, eat something and go to school. I often have about 6 or 7 classes a day. I'm a type of 'science-guy' so I really keen on Mathematics and Physics.. I fond of keeping fit so Physical Education is my favourite class of a day. I get bored at my History and Polish lessons.. I really do.. I don't dig people who like it. Anyhow, for me, school is something more than a place of education. I can get relaxed spending some time with my friends, we are kind of going crazy sometimes, and it's really funny. On the other hand, school is only school, if You know what I mean ;] You have to learn all the time, and systematically what is almost impossible as You probably know.. ;/ I also hate when a teacher has a bad period in his/her personal life, and we are suppose to deal with that then ..