Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Women's dress – was diversified. At first they were these are plain skirts, next they were using the flowery skirting of flowery patterned cotton. Only in one surroundings Cracow to meet it is possible skirts and aprons trimmed horizontally with ribbons. Corselettes, before dark cloth, with embroidery about flower motives, finished with bursae (short half-belts occurring for oneself in bottom finishing the corselette), they replaced with velvet and colourful corselettes, decorated with beads and sequins. These corselettes were decorated with rich embroidery with sewing colour beads and artificial stones. They are richly ornamented with embroidery back, on breasts embroidery is made rich kwastami silk or metal. A white, embroidered apron and beads were supplementing the dres on the neck. The shirt of the old type was decorated with the embroidered ruff at the neck and with cuffs. At a cooler time long-sleeved short, close-fitting jackets were being worn . In the winter wealthier women put richly ornamented dark blue russet coats on and they covered themselves with the big scarf.
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