Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was cheerfully and nobody was bored. With free time I went to the cinema with the brother, I listened to music and I played on a computer. I spent the other week at the grandmother in the country. There I also have many friends which in the end I could visit. I organised sleigh rides to which we took all acquaintances with them. There were much laughter and many falls. Fortunately for nobody nothing happened. A war was our favourite job to light snows. We liked also to go hills up and to ski down the slope from them. I learnt to snowboard, but not much for me it came out. I played with evenings with the dog which felt sad very much when I had to leave. The time passed very quickly. I remember holidays fondly very much, it is a pity that so quickly they I spent the first week of the winter holidays in Puławy. In the morning we went out with friends to the swimming pool and fitness rooms, and in the afternoon we skated all over the skating rink. There was much laughter since not which from us had skate for the first time on legs. Girls which could already drive well had the greatest great fun. In the evening we organised shared sallies into pizzas. We walked to the club, there we played in of table tennis and into billiards.
nie wiem czy tak moze być ale prosze ;)