Dear Cuba !

I got Your letter pleasantly that you to me had written. You seem from Your description with nice colleague, have hope, that after this what I will write about me you will not stop me liking. I am tall and slim, I have black hair and brown eyes. I play in basket-ball and ball foot therefore I am athletic also. I interest with computers and music. I listen POP and Hip-Hop. I have siostre which is younger from me. We like traveling together, and the most walking after mountains. Have dog, which be calls Max and gold fish Suzi. I like with time looking at interesting films, I look at recently "Hitmana" very nice film one from my favourite, ale walking to cinema one, crop from friends than sitting in house before TV. I have girl it be calls we have been already with me Basia for 2 years, we spend with me very a lot of time.

tylko nie zapomnij sie podpisac