The hunger for information has been an essential part of a human life from generations. People always wanted to know what was going on in the world. Each day we can hear about new science developments, military conflicts and events from our closest neighbours. In the past newspapers were the only source of information. However, today new media are like the internet, radio and television are gaining more and more popularity. Even on the subway we can meet LCD screens with recent news. So what is the role of the newspapers nowadays ?

Newspaper is the original source of information and the most affordable one. Internet requires paying monthly fee and costs of hardware must be included. The same situation we can see with TV. Newspapers are very cheap, sometimes even free (thanks to big amount of adverts in them). It’s also more portable and can be read on the bus or in the street. Newspapers allow to be in touch with most of the news in an accessible way.

On the other hand, television and internet are delivering more complex information. Latest news are published just after has something happened. Today’s newspapers provide information from yesterday evening. So they are no match for 24 hour TV stations completely concentrated on news. Also form is less attractive - news are pure text (rarely filled with one or two pictures), when television and internet offers video, sound and commentary.

I think newspapers are necessary nowadays. Along with the evolution of modern information sources, the role of newspapers decreases, but won’t disappear at all. People still appreciate advantages of newspapers. That’s why I think they are going to be still present in the future and are still necessary in the present time.
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