Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-you must be nice for other kids
-you must listen to the teacher
-you must do exercises in class
-you must be halpfull for other people in klass
-you must do your homework
-you must wear shoes, which are only to school
-you must be attentive
-you must be polite to teacher
-you must tell your parents about your bad behaviour
-you must be quiet when someone is talking

-you mustn't run in class
-you mustn't switch in your mobile phone
-you mustn't go out school when lessons didn't end
-you mustn't talking when teacher is talking
-you mustn't be late
-you mustn't lying to teacher
-you mustn't shouting
-you mustn't read newspapers and anything what you don't need on lesson
-you mustn't play your toys on lessons
-you mustn't eat anythisg when lesson started
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