There is a dog.
There isn't a dog.
Is there a dog?
2. In the garden there are trees.
In the garden aren't any trees.
Are there any trees in the garden?
3. In the class there is a bookcase.
In the class there isn't a bookcase.
Is there a bookcase in the class?
4. In the house there is winodows.
In the house isn't any winodws.
There is any windows in the house ?
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There is dog on picture.(+)
There isn't dog on picture.(-)
Is there dog on picture?(?)
There are trees in garden.(+)
There aren't trees in garden.(-)
Are there trees in garden?(?)
There is case in class.(+)
There isn't case in class.(-)
Is there case in class?(?)
There are windows in house.(+)
There aren't windows in house.(-)
Are there windows in house?(?)