Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I spent paragraph be in this year in many in beshyadas vacations miejscach. Najpierw, there we ride for serpentynach and we crossed beside small rzeczki Solinki where beautiful views were! There was next point of my vacation enter on which połonina Wetlińska, there resort was please also " hut down bed " me .Bardzo połonina Caryńska. I admired paragraph ukrainian border many not far I beautiful view cerkwi. Uraczył, I can not resist and I have made several photos. Paragraph beguile ( ) when there was gondola queue before for in life last weekend wonderfully come on decide choose case ride completely krynicy. Pierwszy. I have spent day in in beskidas nastepny Sądeckim where on wspiełam Radziejową. Was fine not forget paragraph to the end lives my vacation . It beguile from very be glad tour hope that sometime I will return to that places else.