Muszę napisać rozprawkę z języka ang. na temat We shouldn't use animals in circuses z argumentami:
... it's fun.
... people like seeing
... the animals.
... animals like performing..
... it doesn't hurt them - remember we shoot and eat lots of animals.
... it's dangerous
... it's boring for the animals
... they are not free
... animals aren't playthings



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In every circus are animals. Is it good for them?
On the one hand, people like watching animals and animals make great show. It is funny! Also, people make a lot of money on it. Animals get food, too. Next, it's great fun for animals. Finally people appreciate animals and their hard work.
On the other hand, animals don't hawe a choice. Also, it is a dangerouswork for people and animals's upkeeping is very expensive. Next, animals became nervous and dangerous. Also, it is hard work for animals. People treat them badly, too. Animals always don't listen to people.
I think, animals shouldn't work in circus. They should be free.
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