1.Yes i did.I bought a new DVD player.
2.I'd never buy anything online because it's very expensive.
3.I think on line shopping is not for lazy people, on line shopping is easier than buy in normal shop.
4.Allegro, no because i don't have a money
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Yes, i have bought a lot of stuff, mostly it was some <Wstaw co kupywales>
2.I wouldn't ever buy something that costs too much, things like car's etc..
3.Yes, it is for lazy people, because they don't even try to move out of home to buy anything and walk a bit...
4.I know Ebay, Amazon, or Allegro. I only use Allegro, because it's our's country Ebay remake.
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1.Yes, I bought for my mother's silver earrings.
2.I think cosmetics, because they do not know what they contain, or are capable of new or not.
3.Yes and no pnieważ there are such people któży do not have time to shop, or they do not like. On the Web can make purchases quickly and effortlessly.
4.For example, Merlin.pl. This site is trustworthy and a lot of people there buying.
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