Ułóż zdania z podanych wyrazów:
1.Go,Might,Concert, The, I, But I'm, Not sure, To
2.gave, definitely, I, you, to, it, yesterday
3.maybe, be, all, diseases, we'll, to, cure, able
4. score, lose, they, will, we, if, again, this match
5. you, ever, asked, anyone, their autograph, have, for
6. been, has, a popular game, for, years, football, many



1. I might go to the concert, but I'm not sure.
2. I definitely gave it to you yesterday.
3. Maybe we'll be able to cure all diseases.
4. If we score again, they will lose this match.
5. Have you ever asked anyone for their autograph?
6. Football has been a popular game for many years.
1.Go:she go to school st 9.00 p.n. Conctret;I concret knak has got in ride a bike.The;the is dvd.I;I like chocolate, but not like milk.