Proszę o napisanie mi zadanie z angielskiego. Tematem jest najgorsze wakacje. W opwiadaniu musza byc zawarte odp na pytania: when and where did you go?, who did you go with?, how did you get there?, where did you stay?, how logn were you there?, was the wrather good?, what did you do during the day?, what did you do at night?, did tou have good time?, did you habve any problems?



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Last year I was in the seaside in Łeba city for holidays. When I put up my tent i saw big darkblue clouds and I realised that is going to rain. I had right. It was raining three days I was so angry. I couldn`t go to beach, take sun-batch and go to buy souvenirs or just go sightseeing. After This three days which I spent in tent, sun wake me up. I was suprised and happy it was my last 2 days to go swimming so I ran to beach when I arrived I observed that in the sea are a lot of some algas and nobody was in water. I was raged but I decided to buy some souvenirs so I brought my stuff back. When I was going to city center I saw that I had forgotten my wallet. I attempt to be calm but when I was running back to tent I cross te road on a red light... and some policeman catch me.. He said that it is 250 zł of mandate... I don`t have enough money even at home so I decided to paid for those four days and go home immediately..
It was my the worst holidays EVER...