Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Coach Carter” – this good fil. The team of young and the Ken receives the undisciplined players of basket-ball the new coach the Carter in this the part unfailing Samuel L. Jackson which played excellent the parts as usually! On beginning coach's co-operation with players does not arrange the best. But it finds wey he to to hit to "young angry” for which basket-ball this whole life. It tries to convince them that science so as are plays important and that thanks this they will be thing to someone in life. It calls out this players' huge object but from sometimes boys begin comprehending about what it walks. They do not change from once only under influence of definite events obviously but you have already this alone to look at. The Carter hits to feeling their value it propels for them the matter the most important and the best which is effective both as coach how and the teacher of "life”. Respect gains magnitudes and respect. Team is the most important and only this matters. Who loves with pleasure this sport interesting film looks at me with excellent actions of game in basket. I command hot not only fans of this sport but also the different which did not look at calm and good film already long ago!!