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"Coach Carter" is a film inspired by the true story of controversial basketball coach Ken Carter, who led the team train from Richmond in 1999.
Basketball can be a way out of the ghetto for some, but for most the only chance for a better future is a solid education and self-confidence. With this assumption is leaving coach Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson), who came to school in Richmond basketball team to train. His pupils shine on the dance floor, but their assessment of left much to be desired. Coach Carter, who knew how to motivate young athletes, do not hesitate to seated on the bench the entire basketball team at a crucial moment for them - when they reached the finals unbeaten matches. The reason - bad results at school.
Picture of "Coach Carter" is based on real events, and Ken Carter for his decision was both rewarded and strongly criticized. Nevertheless, several charges Carter's coach, with very different approaches, received a four-year scholarships for sport. Full scholarship to West Point Military Academy, also received his son Damien. Sam Carter was awarded the January 29, 2002, when he was elected to carry the Olympic flame.
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It is story about Ken Carter, controversial coach from the secondary school in Richmond which in 1999 ran the school squad of the basketball. He applied very untypical methods of the training, of faces. He forbided members his team of the admission to a gymnasium, until they correct evaluations.