Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I haven't eaten anything for the last two days.
She was with the company for forty years.
I haven't seen him since I was five.
It hasn't happend since 1897.
I has worked at Millenium bank since I finished college.
I have lived here since February.
He has woren glasess since he was at school.
It was noon. We hadn't eaten since the previous evening.
We quarrelled last year and have not spoken to each other since then.
I havent been at school since Monday.
1. I know my best friend for 12 years.
2. I haven't seen my uncle for 5 years.

1. He's had girlfriend since last year.
2. He has been in love in Maria since he was twelve years old.
3. I had that hairstyle since last weekend.
4. I haven't seen you since last month.
5. I haven't visit my grandfather since last weekend.
6. I' ve known my best friend since 1997.
7. It hasn't snowed here since 2007.
8. I live here since 1995.

trochę mogą się nie zgadzać z prawdą, ale miały być zdania z since i for to napisałam;P
I listening music for three hours.
They are playing on the guitar for two years.
He lived in Legnica since he was born.
I going to school since i was seven years old.
He has been waiting since 10 o'clock.
I haven't seen you since my birthday.
I have my MP3 - Player since October.
Has he the blond hair since he was born?
I haven't been on the koncert since my leg start pain me
I haven't spoken with you since we divorce