A newspaper is running a story-writing competition.
Write about a nightmare holiday you’ve had, or a
difficult situation you’ve been in (or invent one), to
send to the newspaper. Answer the following
questions. (140–180 words) - może byc mniej, nawet duzo mniej byle by znalazly sie ponizsze informacje

• When and where did it happen?
• Who were you with? Why?
• What went wrong? What happened?
• What happened in the end?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was in July, a year ago, while visiting Prague. I went there with my best friend – John. It had always been our dream – to visit the capital of Czech Republic, that's why we decided to go there. We had always planned to go on holiday together, as we got on well with each other.
We reached Prague by train. The travel passed in nice atmosphere. In Prague we went by bus to reach the hotel that we had booked in advance. And then it turned out that our reservation had miraculously disappeared! We started panicking, as we had already paid all the costs of the room and had not enough money to book something else. Of course, a receptionist was bitterly sorry for the misunderstanding, but he couldn't do anything more than to accommodate us somewhere else.
Unfortunately, the room we were given was small, dark and nasty. With no hot water, only limited light and space we felt so disappointed.
In the end we returned home safely after very inconvenient week; yet, we had such a strong feeling of being unfulfilled.