• Użytkownik Zadane
1. My favourite movie is Police Academy. This is a very funny comedy. This movie is about group od people which has been accepted for this academy without no limitations. Funny stages are showed in movie where recruits proceed data of training. In my opinion this is very good comedy !

2.I would like to tell about favourite school object. There is mathematics exactly. We can be instructed count on this object and calculate. I like this object from the point of view of numbers. And I like a lot my teacher : )

3. Black is my favorite color. That has such in if have become fond of I? This color returns my emotions often, and also it shows him be profundity that. Young people choose this color often. It isn't strange thing for me.

4. Listening to the music is my hobby. Music introduces us to picturesque world of imagination where we can forget about all. Music has power it returns who through melody and rhythm. It helps many people in crisis situations. Also for me.