Mogl by mi ktos to sprawdzic czy czasy sa dobrze uzyte...

It was in years ago in the summer.
I had a accident. I was playing (play) volleyball on the beach with my
and I wasnt wearning (not wear) shoes. I was running(run) after the ball
when suddenly I stood (stand) on a piece of glass and cut (cut) my foot.
I was siting (sit) down on the sand and started (start) to scream.
My friend`Tomek came (come) to help me. He looked (look) at my foot and
saw(see) the glass in it.
While Tomek was getting (get) the glass out my foot he told (tell) me
funny stories. Then he took (take) me to hospital on his car. At the
hospital the nurse asked (ask) me lotos of question was`"where were you
playing" ( you play) volleyball "when it heppened (heepen)"? Her next
question was "havent you go any shoes dear?" I didnt answer (not andwer)



"Było to w roku temu w okresie letnim.\nMiałem wypadek. Grałem (play) siatkówka na plaży z moim\nznajomi\ni wasnt wearning (nie nosić) buty. Biegałam (run) po balu\nNagle stałem (stand) na kawałek szkła i cut (cięcie) nogę.\nByłem lokalizacji (SIT) w dół na piasku i zaczął (start) krzyczeć."