Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
temperatuta-average increase in the earth from 2-5 degrees C.
-critical water level rises
Śródziemnomorksiego-Sea area becomes deserted
Arctic glacier-year-old will make history
-from Europe to America, will now be reached through the Arctic regions, until recently, icy, which greatly shorten the journey time.
-in many countries the police regime will be introduced, this would calm down at the end of the age siędopiero
- Establishment of the Community of the United Nations with headquarters in Beijing
-chemistry never enough
by a large part of humanity will suffer from a lack of food
-oil will be rough labolatoryjnym
-most important source of energy will become a nucleus of an atom
-After many failures to depart from the cloning of humans
-population will grow to 8.4 billion
-dominated nations are living in the southern hemisphere
-up to 34% of the population will be 60 years