You on school trip lost rucksack. Write:
- where and when you lost him
- describe, as he looked
- write, which was in centre
it it - how was can was oneself with You get in touch.
-I have lost knapsack on ski take-off for (after) 13 1 hour
-Red was with teddy-bear, it was big and it was soiled easily
-There was in center (means) portwel, cell (cellular phone), keys, reminders, tickets and handkerchieves
-It is possible from (with) I by phone skątaktować as number my is in briefcase mum < have >

Two days ago (01.03.2010) between 12.00 - 16.00 I lost my backpack. I lost it during a trip in Warsaw. My backpack was big and green. There was a white pendent on it. In backpack there were my mobile and wallet. If you find it call me or send an e-mail.
tel.: 0226749584
e-mail: [email protected]