Wstaw czasowniki w pary zdań w przyszłości będzie.

We { not have } a picnic this weekend.
We {have} one next weekend.
Dad {not \ buy} a new computer.
He {use} his old one.
Emma and Clare {not\ see} the new film at the ABC cinema.
They {watch} a video at home.
You{not/like} this CD.
in fact,you {hate} it.
I {not\ take} a sweater.
It {be} really hot this afternoon.

Cw tempo 2 zadanie 9 i 10 stona 30 i 31

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Won't have
will have
won't buy
will use
won't see
will watch
won't like
will hate
won't take
will be
1.won't have
2.will have
3.won't buy
4.will use
5.won't see
6.will watch
7.won't like
8.will hate
9.won't take
10.will be