Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Góralska chata restaurant " is located in jastrzebie zdrój , in wilekkopolska street. This restaurant is diffrent than rest in the neighbordhood. It is decorated in very beautiful and stylish way. all over the place are stuff , bringing about that you are in real goralian hut (house) . Wooden walls , wood sculpture , goralian decorations and music.
Even MenuCard is written in mountainous slang. The chef offers tasty, regional dishes.
Waiters looks realy good in traditional podhalanski outfit , but they are too slowly. Howewer low price are recompense for that ;)
Generally "Goralska... " offers great food . relaxed and friendly atmosphere .
C: Good morning.
W: Good morning. Do you have a table reservation?
C: No.
W: Oh, that's no problem, we have a free one.
C: Waiter! When you'll give my menu?
W: Please, excuse me, I've completely forgotten about it.
C: I'll take fish and chips, please.
W: That's your pasta.
C: It's wrong order. I've ordered fish and chips.
W: Oh, sorry. It was an accident.
C: Waiter! My fish isn't hot enough.
W: Oh, sorry. It's cook's fault.
C: Can you heat it up?
W: Yes of course.
W: Is it hot enough now?
C: Yes, it is.
C: Waiter! The music is too loud. Can you turn it down?
W: Yes, of course.
C: Waiter! Can i have my bill?
W: Yes, one moment.
C: Waiter! There's a mistake in my bill.
W: Oh, i'm terribly sorry. It's my fault.
C: Good bye. There's a horrible staff in this restaurant.

lub krótsza wersja

sprzedawca hellow.can i halp you?
ty yes pleas.how much is a mineral water?
sp it's two paund twenty.
ty can i have mineral water please?
sp yes,sure
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jak chcesz to wejć w gogle na j.angielski tłumacz mi tak wyszło:)