• Użytkownik Zadane
I get up in the morning to 7 in the morning and wash, dress, eat breakfast, leave for school. In school, my time to 14 hours Come after school and eat dinner, watch TV and play on your computer and then go odrabiać and lessons learned. In the evening, bathe and eat dinner. I go to sleep.
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Yesterday, I got up at half past seven. I washed my face, cleaned my teeth and put on my clothes. Then I had breakfast at quarter to seven. My dad made breakfast for me. I left home at seven o’clock.
I rode to school by tram. In school I had seven lessons: Geography, PE, English, Chemist, ICT, History and Polish. In the Geography lesson I got one positive mark. I came back home at three o’clock. After school I did my homework and then I learned. After that I played computer for one hour. My mum worked until five o’clock. After work she went to home, she made a dinner and washed the
dishes. After dinner my dad helped me with Geography homework. After that I packed my things for the next day at school. At half past seven my mum made a supper. I had a bath at eight p.m. and went to the bed. In the bed I setted my alarm – clock for half past seven the next schoolday.