My aunt lives in village near Jelenia Góra. I love spending holiday with her. This story happened about 5 years ago...

There is a cave near my aunt's house. It’s small and wet, but it has its own climate. I could spend all my time in this cave!
It was hot and sunny day so I decided to go to the cave to relax. I took a torch because I wanted to look at walls in ‘my’ cave. I had never done it before. On the longest wall I saw something strange... It looked like a map! Fortunately I had a piece of paper so I drew this map on it. I went back to home and tried to guess what the map was showing. I was thinking about it when the old cuckoo clock rang in a library. At the same moment I understood everything! It wasn’t map but a plan! The plan of my aunt’s library! This room is different from other rooms in the house. It has got six walls and only one window. The plan had a hexagon shape with something which looked like window. The cross was drawn on the wall opposite the window. I was very excited! I was thinking about a large treasure when my aunt walked into library. “Aunt, I found a treasure!” I shouted. “Oh, yes? Maybe you saw the picture in the cave?”.

The map was only a game. When my aunt was a young girl she drew this plan in the cave because she was dreaming about an adventure! I was very sad. I really thougt that I found the treasure! I will never forget that day!
Finally, after all, a long semester filled with laborious study, came wytęsknione holidays. I went to the grandmother in the country, where ever I could truly relax. Leave behind the stress of the school and continuing urban rush. All the problems left behind in the city. In the countryside, where life is slower, I could forget about me, awaiting graduation, leaving the choice of study and an even greater and more noisy city.

The first morning in the village have decided to spend as before. Enough to climb up on our beloved pear, on which the child's grandfather built for me and sisters log cabin. Chowałyśmy always here when it was a sad way, and the tree seemed to treat child care. Everywhere there was plenty of snow, which suppressed the steps, everything seemed so quiet and clean. Now also taken refuge here, to think about what awaits me in the near future. Sadly, I thought that soon I will be forced to leave his beloved school and go to a new, strange place. Studies involve a different type of learning, more responsibility, leaving the family home, meeting new people. Need to adapt to new situations. Start an entirely new school of life, a small school of survival in the big city. Requirements will set the bar higher and higher. Do all we know how to cope with the increasing expectations of us?
Thus meditating, rough, close to the tree trunk. Looking at the twists of bark increasingly plunged in thought. I returned in the memories of childhood when I was running happily after grandma garden, despite the scratches and bruises on his legs tanned. Together with his siblings climbed the favorite tree, where among the thick boughs, you can find the perfect hiding place. Everything then seemed so simple and uncomplicated, and our children, filled with inexhaustible energy. What a pity that the days when we were trusting in the goodness of people and the world, and we are not ashamed of reflexes of the heart. Yes, I would like for everyone to like children, cheering and crying with novelties for the ruptured balloon. Crying does not last long, to wipe tears starczył lollipop or candy.

The reflection of my grandmother pulled cried at lunch. She still knew how to treat me like a little girl and not placing excessive requirements, just enjoy my presence. Well, that summoned me, I pondered przemarzłabym completely. I returned home, where he has already given lunch. On a large platter lay steaming dumplings - Grandma's specialty. How good it is that their home, flavors remained unchanged.

napisałam to kiedyś na zadanie i dostałam 5+ ;) wiec nie powinno byc błędów