Napisz list do kolegi z Angli:

1. opiszesz jak SPĘDZIŁAŚ ferie zimowe.
2. opiszesz jakie formy spedzania wolnego czasu sa najbardziej popularne wsrod twoich przyjaciol.
3. opiszesz jakies smieszne wydarzenie
4. zaprosisz kolege do polski na obiad.

Prosze o dobre napisenie i dobrą forme, dziękuję z gory :)



Hey Kuba!

Thank you for your letter. I spent the holidays in the mountains. It was cool, just a pity that so quickly passed. , (. I need you to tell a little bit about it.
Namely, I spent the holidays in Zakopane. The biggest attraction for me and supporting my friends were, of course, skiing. Each of us loves to ski or snowboard. That reminded me so funny incident which took place at the hotel. When he and his colleagues had come to town to do some sightseeing in the neighboring room and the dog ran from Michael obsikał shoes, which he took with him. All lay up for the laughter and went nowhere.
You need us as soon as possible is essential to visit. Even for lunch. It can even choose together somewhere on a trip to Poland. You are cordially invited.

Yours sincerely