Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Some people love going to school, other hate it but all the youngsters have to go to the school to get education necessary to have a well paid and pleasant job.
A lot of us every single day thinks how we could change the visage of our school. What can we do to make it look better. J am going to try to answer this question giving some major advantages and disadvantages of our school.
Firstly, In a high school we have to learn a lot of information in a lot of subjects. As to me, a lot of them are unnecessary, for example, Chemistry. I’m not interested in it, and I am of the opinion that instead of it we could have one extra hour of English or free hour. Moreover, the first term is a reminder from the 3rd class of junior high school.
As to me, everyone should have a choice which of the subjects, (except for obligatory ones like History and Polish) wants to learn for example Geography and Biology or Geography and Chemistry or both of them. J know it’s impossible right now, but maybe in future. Why not?
Another reason why our school isn’t ideal is a question of wearing special shoes during the lessons. We can’t choose shoes which we like, students have to wear shoes which headmaster orders.
What’s more, some of young teachers can’t get students interested in lesson. Many of us has thoughts “O my God, what am J doing here?”. If the lesson were more interesting, we would remember more major and specific information, for sure.
On the other hand, In our school, we don’t have to wear school uniform like students from other schools. Instead of it we have to wear ID card which is a better solution but it has some drawbacks, imperfections. J think that every ID card should be the same. ID card except for a name, class number and school name should show a logo of the school.
There are some principal reasons why J don’t think that our school is ideal. School administration shouldn’t pay attention to such minor details like leaving school area by students during the break or changing shoes, so much as they do. Instead, they should cooperate with the students to create the school which will be ideal, which will satisfy the needs for both sides.