Occurrences paranormal, determined also as phenomena parapsychiczne – these are abilities or phenomena, of which the being wasn't confirmed with scientific experiment and which the being is giving oneself contrary to scientific theories prevailing at present. With turning over sceptics, discoveries which to a certain extent they fit to paranormal theories, immediately are being made public as the triumph explicit and hundred per cent confirmed of paranormal sciences, while opposite cases, when the attempt of the fraud, or the phenomenon were demonstrated they explained completely rationally, in the environment of fans of paranormal phenomena they are being omitted with discreet silence, or nailed together other, nowhere unsubstantiated „ with discovery ” Part of phenomena "paranormal" can have also a rational explanation. A riddle of the "Bermuda Triangle" which probably stayed can be an example explained in the rational way. As it turned out in this area from time to time mass freeing methane and carbon dioxide is taking place what can cause the loss of consciousness by pilots (ancient aeroplanes weren't tight) and water „ with bubbles ” has the shorter displacement what drowning of ships could cause.Educational foundation of Randiego James (James Randi Educational Foundation) [2] funded an award of the amount of 1 million of dollars for everyone who in a credible scientific experiment will prove the existence of the any paranormal phenomenon. So far nobody received this award