Nowa Sól, 20.02.2006r. Dear Bartek very much a long time ago I didn't write, I know, but I spent holidays so intensively that I didn't simply find the time. I think that this letter will be enough as the compensation. I as this way as already recalled, winter holidays, at least short, for me were filled up with the class at one hundred per cent. Right after finishing the semester I came out into tops with parents. Not if only it peculiarly pleased me, but unfortunately, little I had to the saying. I was simply presented with a fait accompli and packed bags, because when it is with my mum, awaiting for instance a minute causes her the immense problem. The Dad didn't also look content of such a rotation of the matter, but didn't intend to quarrel. And damage, in the end I won't be standing up alone against two for parents. In so of accident, actually I write about it once again. It looked bad, four days in the godforsaken hole in the mountains which somebody by chance called the health resort. Every trip ended in the same town, so I harboured no illusions of none, and already certainly as to it, that of people in my I won't meet the age. Whether you, knowing about conditions so „ of rest ”, would you spin plans of the interesting stay? I didn't commit such a senselessness, thinking rather about the fact that my players can not withstand the music twelve-hour for twenty-four hours of the burden. For what not dwudziestocztero? However a bit I wanted the time to sleep, and at least I had to devote the hour to parents. Differently a trip would probably not come off around with friends. Yes, I mean this camp in the Swiss Alps, to which unhappily you could not go. Why every year or you are breaking something – I calculated with hand, twice the leg and almost a collarbone broken up – or your must parents absolutely visit their family? We are going altogether as many as a few seasons, if for future holidays you do yourself harm, it is I still deepen it. For as long as it takes, you can be certain. But what actually passed you over? Apart from the wonderful play and the excellent company, completely nothing. Little, nieprawdaż? In principle it day in day out we left with the coach for classes, the camp was after all casual. Regret that there was no you, I recalled it higher. Our ski shows were suitable for winding and spreading. School „ as oneself to go it should not, and what's more one isn't allowed ”. Encouraging title, unfortunately not my, of only our instructor. Poor man at the end of batch probably oneself he bent. And imagine, that to fourteen participants of the camp even three could not show advanced abilities off. Curiously it was, but what else can I write you? Now I am sitting at home with acute cold – they went round the landed estate without the hat, sometimes even without the jacket, it is. Parents are pretending that they aren't angry about the smashed window with me, and the cat is demanding the food. Holidays are ending like every year, with breakdown with fact that then again I am coming back to the school. Although they wouldn't be intense, I always lack something. Of your letters, for example, because I got them only all over the camp. And of many other filling things. In the end tradition, greetings. I have huge hope that you will answer quickly, before back we get up to the power of teachers. Later he can not be of time. Of arks

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Dear Kate!
I’ve started to worry, because you haven’t written for so long. How are you? I hope you’re fine.
I’m writing to tell you about my holiday. I’m planning to spend free time in the mountains with my friends. We’re planning to set off on a trip in the second free day. I would be there about ten days, but we’re making reservation for five days. We’ll riding there train. We’ll live in cottage. During the day we’ll be rollerblading and skiing. After the dark I’ll be going to the discos with my friends. We’ll be dancing all the night. I hope the weather will be nice.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Give my regards to your parents.
All the best!
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