Complete the dialogue with the correct form of(not)like or would like.

To jest czas continius... uzupelnij dialog:

Dad:What (0)would you(0)like to eat ?
Liam:Chicken,I really(1)____chicken.
Mark:Chicken's OK but we had is last night.(2)____something different this evening.
Dad: What about pasta>You usually(3)___Pasta.
Mark:yes,but don't forget Mum(4)___it
Dad: You're right.i expect she(5)___fish tonight.
Liam: but ypu know Mark and I(6)___fish!
Dad:OK,what about pizza?(7)___you___a pizza this evening ?



1. would like
2. not like
3. like
4. like
5. would like
6. jak wyżej
7. jak wyżej
13 3 13