I spent my holidays with friends from the estate. Because it was winter we did hit were IGLA battle with snow. Then I went to my aunt for a week. przebyłyśmy almost a full week on the computer. I met these friends. We did sleigh. it was super.

Sory że tak mało nie mogłam nic więcej wymyśleć:]
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I spend my holidays in Spain. I and my sister went to the cinema. We watch great video. Later we go to swimming pool and we have a great time. Later we go to fast-food restaurant, and we eat burger and drink cola. Next day we go to museum and we look at old things. Later we go to a theme park. There are o lot of attractions. On weekend we go to zoo and we see a sea turtle. Later we been on a haunted house, that was scerry. On Monday we watch firework display and i love it. On Tuesday we go to cafe and when we go my sister sprined her ankle. We must go to a doctor and he says "You should keep this bandage on and rest your ankle for the next few days. The end of the week we been on a hotel. On Sunday we buy ticket and go to our house.
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