Prosze o napisanie recenzji Twilight (chodzi o film) po angielsku. Nie chce żeby to było ściągnięte z neta tylko wymyślone. Recenzja ma być napisana według tego planu:
-basic information: title, date, kind of film, director, stars
-background to the story: where?, when?, what happens?
-opinions: acting, story, special effects, photography, music
-recommendations: it's (not) worth seeing, I (don't) recommend it. (raczej wole żeby było napisane,że jest warty oglądnięcia). Daje najj...



I'd like to recomend you ,,Twilight" directed by Catherine Hardwicke in 2008. It's a horror and romantic film. Main heros are : Kristen Steward (Isabella Swan), Robert Pattison (Edward Cullen). The story is about young girl - Isabella, who finds her own place in the world. She's shy and she meets a very handsome and nice Edward Cullen - he is a vampier and he falls in love with her. They have a lots of dangerous adventures. And of course the love each other. The acting and story are very interesting and good. Special effects are awensome. Music is cathing and beautiful. It's worth seeing , and i would like to recomend it to you. i was really happy when i saw this film in the cinema.

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