I go to bed because I'm sleepy.
| didn't do my homework because I'm tired.
I like tennis beacuse it's exciting.
i feel terrible because I've got a headache.
I'm hungry because I didn't have lunch.
I'm worried because I've got a test this afternoon.

We went to the music shop but I didn'n buy a CD.
It was very foggy but we didn't get lost.
I was very tired but I didn't go to bed.
We went to New York but we didn't visit the Statue od Liberty.
Mike wrote a letter but he didn't send it.
I made you a cake but you didn't eat it.
He went to school when he was 7 but left after theree months because he had problems with his teatcher.

But the song raised much more, millions of pounds.

But in the mid 1970 he because famous as the leader of The Boomtown Rats, a punk rock group.

But for his quickness I would have been killed.

Oliver his a doktor but Anna isn't lawyer.