U.S. Independence Day a national holiday in the U.S., celebrated 4th of July in each year the anniversary of Declaration of Independence announced the United States. The Declaration of Independence of the United States to act by, inter alia, Thomas Jefferson, justify the right of the Thirteen Colonies in British North America for the freedom and independence from the King of Great Britain, George III. It was announced July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, the Second Continental Congress. The authors of the Declaration of Independence, in addition to Jefferson and John Adams were Benjamin Franklin. Signatories of the Declaration of Independence were called by the colonists founding fathers. The Declaration of Independence was the first official statement on what should be the government. Furthermore, it was universal, was something more than the private message sent to Britain, it was a call to all mankind. Declaration proclaimed the right to establish any acts of government, declaring war and concluding peace by the former British colonies in North America.

Although the Independence Day holiday was celebrated unofficially since 1777, until in 1870 the U.S. Congress officially established the fourth day of July off from work without pay for federal officials. In 1931 the law changed, giving them pay for a day off from work.

On Independence Day in the United States hosts numerous concerts, parades and festivities. Tradition is also a patriotic speech spewed by politicians and government officials. However, after dusk take place boisterous fireworks displays.

Crisis forces Americans in some regions of the country to a more economical celebrate Independence Day on July 4. As reported by The New York Times ", the traditional fireworks in some cities this year will be somewhat more modest. In Houston, for example, reduced by half the expenses for the celebration. For the sake of jobs in the public sector, cuts were made to celebrate as well as many smaller cities in California, Florida and several states in New England (on the coast of north-east). Demonstrations of fireworks will be more modest than usual in Massachusetts, and Seattle, Washington canceled a few shows.