Welcome to a midle school in ... ! in this school we have got thirty classrooms. Additionally we have got canteen, common room, computer room, gym, library and sports field . also there are cloakrooms. pupils are satisfied for schooling level. teachers are kind, friendly and tolerant. this school is very cosy, light and lively. certainly in breaks is very noise, but in lessons students study hard. they take active part in a lessons, not miss lessons and do one's best. in this school pupils wear a modern school uniforms. if you haveany questions, please contact our school office.

mialam podobne zadanie wiec przepisuje ;)) moga byc jakies bledy bo nie mialam sprawdzone przez nauczyciela..
I think , that school should be friendly for pupils . So, he would introduce several changes safely pupil fond and can be instructed in practice a lot.And so,, there was first task , experience improvement of lesson in in practice experiments pupil will in practice.All than only theory teach , from objects particularly as chemistry and physicist . There was second task , that must not bear pupils for school heavy knapsacks, as I think , that pupils have heavy knapsack far too and maybe there was to considerable manner backbone third task worst .So, creation in schools of cases.

There was fourth task , deployment of ability of additional pupil cure . Many pupils are able cure it , it cure , do not have capabilities in other institutions more study.So, I would try , in order to deployment of ability was nice, and for achievement simple . I think, that my changes have given many benefits with thought about pupils :)