Potrzebuję prace, mianowicie Topik z angielskiego, jest to wypracowanie dosyć krotkie, 1 strona zeszytu szkolnego. Praca ma być na temat, przesądów, lub przyszłości wymyślonej byle mezczyzny. Liczę na jakość a nie ilość, bede musiał nauczyć się tego na pamięć. Czekam na rozwiązania.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
'Do you believe in superstitions ?' - that's the question we always hear when a black cat crosses our road, or when it comes to the day of 13th of a month, and especially Friday the 13th. Personally, I don't understand people believing in such things.And what annoys me the most is the thing that Catholics have these prejudices. I mean I, as a Catholic, was always taught not to believe in such things. Some priests even say it's a sin. And so I don't recommend to worship any of those, because they have absolutely nothing to do with what is going to happen in the near or further future. That is my point of view at least.