This quiz shows you which profession fits you best.
There are 3 questions, answer them.

Question 1
In your home had broken down a sink, what are you doing?
a) I'm repair alone.
b) I'm buy a new parts.
c) I'm do not worry about it.

Question 2
Your homework is to prepare a light source, such as light bulbs. What are you doing?
a) I buy ready-model.
b) Doing it yourself by adding an interesting variety.
c) I'm doing this alone.

Question 3
You prepare for the competition model for your school. What are you doing?
a) I doing this as aqua version.
b) I doing this and I add interesting items.
c) I doing this as electric version.

most responses a) - plumber

most responses b) - builder

most responses c) - electrician
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Are you serving food ? odp. yes/no -waiter -kelner
Are you teaching ? odp. yes/no -teacher -nauczyciel
Are you repairing car ? odp. yes/no -mechanic
Are you looking after a people ? odp. yes/no -nurse -pielęgniarka
Are servinga customer ? odp. yes/no -shop assistant -sprzedawca
Are you typing ? odp.yes/no -secretary -sekretarka
Are you driving bus ? odp. yes/no -bus driver - kierowca
Are you coocking food ? odp. yes/no - chef -kucharz

jakbyś sie nie doczytal to tu masz schemat

Are you ..[czynność].. [odp. yes or no] zawód -in english- - po polsku