Dear Grace,
I'm on Malta with my friends. The weather is very hot here. I'm having wonderful time.
Every day I swim in Mediterranean and get tanned.
Yesterday I was in Valetta - the capital city of Malta. I bought beautiful souvenirs. I saw famous Jonh's Cathedral and Manoel Theatre. Today I was on Comino - island called Malta's sister. There was amazing Blue Lagoon. The water here was cristalline clean. I took many photos. Tomorrow I'm going to vivsit Blue Grotto and go to trip on Sicily.
Malta is fantastic country - you must visit it one day!
Whats up David.
Recently I was on vacation in Turkey. It is still very warm temperatures, sometimes temperatures exceed 35 degrees. In his spare time to go swimming, or visited the different museums or castles, etc. I would thou arrived to visit me. There is a lot of young ladies, surely jakas bys he found for himself.

Yours (tu twoje imie i nazwisko)
-----------------------Po angielsku

--------------------------a to na dole po polsku
Siema Dawid.
Wlasnie jestem na wakacjach w Turcji. Ciagle jest bardzo cieplo, czasami temperatura przekracza 35 stopni. W wolnych chwilach chodze na baseny albo zwiedzam muzea albo rozne zamki itp. Bardzo chcialbym abys przyjechal mnie odwiedzic. Jest tu duzo panienek, z pewnoscia jakas bys dla siebie znalazl.