This is my bed.
This is book.
This is my sofa.
This is drawers.
This is light.

That is my lamp.
That is table.
That is poster.
Thsat is my clock.
That is my computer.

Licze na naj :*
Don't worry, there is a lot of food in the fridge.
There is an old, amazing castle by the seaside.
There is your new car, do you like it?
There is a number of department stores in our capital.

There are my new friends.
There are various animals in the zoo.
There are large skyscrapers.
There are the front doors.
In my rum there is new computer . There is my big bed. There is my sweet hamster/dog/cat ...(imię).There are my school books and my beautiful dolls ;).There are my good guitar and my old photos.There are my school pecils and my blue pens. There is brown chair and my brown desk.There is my beautiful yellow candle. There are my magazine.