A year ago my house burnt down. It was a horribe event. Everything started at 8 am. I woke up because I felt an awful smell. Soon I understood that the house was on fire! I woke up my parents quickly, we took to flight and looked for a way out. Although we found it very quickly the fire was already great. When we got out we were safe
Police commissioner stood next to room of interrogations. The criminals story is very interesting – he thought - they were in order to above suspicion, but wife of the businessman, found out that her housband wasn’t there, gave them. They didn’t know about that so they said the same history. They says that they saw the car, but there was no nobody inside, so they went to the closest house in order to call the police. There were nobody inside the house and the door was open. They went inside and then the police cars stopped next to the house. Police commissioner didn’t believed them. They were they lied, it was certain, but where is Steve Henson? The policeman examining the apprehended persons left the interrogations room.
- Did they said anything else? - police commissioner questioned
- No sir – says police officer – one of them were took to arrest and that men, I had talked to, is John White. He’s criminal having a criminal record.
- Can I interrogate him?
- Yes, but I think he speaks everything which he know. He’s innocent.
- Do you think so?
- Yes.
The police officer waved the hand and he went to his side. Police commissioner went into a room.
-Good evening, my name is Rayon Evans and I’m going to complete examining.
-I know – said slim man sitting on the chair – and I’m innocent.
-I don’ think so.
The man didn't answer. The commissioner sat down on the chair standing in front of him.
- How did that house look like? How was it built?
That was normal wooden house. Two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a big basement.
- So were you there earlier?
- No, if I already said it was first house which we saw.
- Did you examine the house while there you were?
-We only came in when we saw a car which out anyone.
- Where do you know about the big basement?
The criminal went pale seeing what mistake made. The commissioner left and he called the police constable. He asked to accompany the John White, and alone he went to the car. He headed for the house in the forest. At the beginning he went to the basement, but he ran out from there choking with dust, and loud thumping. When he went the wooden floor, under his shoe it was given to hear one another thud. Completely different than in the rest of the house. The commissioner bent down and he hit boards. This sound confirmed him in the belief that there is a secret hiding place under the floor. An edge sticking out raised boards and the flap opened. Kidnapped was sitting on a chair.
- So how do you feel Mr. Henson? - a commissioner said gladly on the mouth.

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